Your interior must be the reflect of yourself, your trips,your passions, your way of life etc.
My goal is to create a place who is the reflect of yourself.
My work is to reorganise your space, doing the interior design and the home staging in close collaboration with yourself.
This is a team work, exchange of ideas to obtain the best of each one and reach to a home who tell your story!

I guide, surround and advise you during the different steps of your project.


- Visite advice


2/3 hrs of advice to your house, shops, restaurants etc.
Hand made plans with measurements
Summary of your requirements and expectations with solutions
Price on request


- Interior design


Space analysis(measurements, shooting, electric plan)
Which are your desire, requirement, budget etc.
2D and 3D renderings
Mood and material boards
Furnitures and accessories boards
Shopping list
Price on request


- Interior design with work supervision


Interior design
Call for tender
Construction work planning
Home staging
Work submission
Price on request